Where It All Began

Our story began in sunny Southern California with a simple conversation about problem solving, but of course there is more to the story. Often as physicians (I’m a full time Urologist), Medicine has become an overwhelming marathon of office visits, chart completion, satisfaction surveys, interspersed with a pager going off. At heart, I like to fix things. Identify a problem, create the solution, and then complete the task. In my clinical practice, it was noticeable that patients’ feet fit poorly in the foot stirrups provided by medical exam tables. Cold, hard, and slippery - I’ve been there myself and I couldn’t help but think there has to be a better solution. So I went looking… and found socks, oven mitts, and vinyl sleeves used as covers. Some provided comfort, others sterilization options, but nothing provided a professional appearance offering support, comfort, durability, and sterilization needed to make an Improved Patient Experience.  

At a conference in 2016, I was talking with Brittany Luea about this problem. She is an Architect, Designer, and by the way, an amazing problem solver. It sounds funny, but as fate would have it, that conversation led to ideas, options, and ultimately the design of Resilient™ Professional Foot Supports. It launched us on the pathway of founding comenityMED. Our backgrounds are opposite - creative and concrete - however our vision in Pursuing Patient Comfort has been the roadmap for this incredible journey.

In 2019, we are excited to launch www.comenityMED.com, attend our first conference as a vendor (ACOG 2019), and get started with changing the way we all view patient comfort.

- Autumn Bridger, DO