Frequently Asked Questions for
Resilient™ Professional Foot Supports

1) Who are they intended for?

Resilient™ Professional Foot Supports are designed with the patient in mind. They are ideal for primary care and women’s health care facilities in addition to hospitals and walk-in clinics. comenityMED partners with medical professionals to provide this great resource to their patients.

2) What are they made of?

100% Silicone. This provides a durable and gentle surface that simultaneously offers cushion and support. The elastic quality stretch attaches to medical stirrups for ease of use. Textured ribbing is provided for slip resistance. The silicone polymer is both heat and chemical resistant providing options for cleaning and sterilization.

3) Will they fit on my office’s exam beds?

Resilient™ Professional Foot Supports are designed for Midmark® Ritter Examination Tables 204, 222, 223, 224, & 304. We are in the process of developing models to better fit UMF, Brewer, and Clinton exam tables.

4) How are they sterilized?

Our foot supports can be easily sterilized between use with chemical agents such as bleach. Simply spray and wipe down between patients. They may also be heat sterilized using an autoclave or Steris® .

5) Do you offer any additional colors?

We are currently offering Blue, Cranberry, and Grey as our standard colors based on their popularity in the medical field. If there is a color that you would like to see or would like us to custom match your office, please contact us at We are always interested in learning more about how to better serve our customers.

6) Are Resilient™ Professional Foot Supports FDA Approved?

The FDA has not reviewed or evaluated any statements or information in affiliation with Resilient™ Professional Foot Supports. Resilient™ Professional Foot Supports are not a medical device. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition, disease, or illness. Discontinue use of Resilient™ Professional Foot Supports if any discomfort is experienced.

7) Are Resilient™ Professional Foot Supports Patented?

They are currently “Patent Pending” for a utility patent in the United States. Our foot supports feature unique claims including our one of a kind stretch attachment to medical stirrups. Resilient™ Professional Foot Supports stand apart from other products in terms of innovation, appearance, comfort, and ease of use.

8) Can I purchase by Purchase Order?

While our preferred method of receiving orders is through our website, we know a number of our customers are tax exempt. If you prefer to order by purchase order, please email us or fax to (877) 631-5353. If you are working with a Product Educator, please send purchase orders direct to their email address.

9) What is your return policy?

comenityMED offers a 30 day full refund for unused products. Please e-mail to initiate a return.