With patient comfort, it's the little things.

A hand to hold, a soft surface, a relaxing environment, a compassionate individual; we believe these subtleties speak volumes. Our mission, above all else, is Pursuing Patient Comfort. This applies to the equipment physicians use and the atmosphere they create. A small gesture goes a long way and comenityMED offers products that do just that.


Our Philosophy.

Our co-founders have fused together their diverse backgrounds in medicine and design to create innovative medical accessories unlike anything on the market. Every product we introduce has a focus on patient comfort and strives to be cutting edge in the medical field, both in terms of function and design.

It is important to us to consider how our products benefit both patients and physicians. The goal is that patients will experience increased comfort as a result of physicians providing better equipped offices. We want to get it right. And we want to keep it as simple and user friendly as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We are thankful to everyone who is joining us on our mission of Pursuing Patient Comfort.