After receiving such positive feedback from our initial launch, we have decided to expand our reach beyond the patient and physician to reach the broader community. Beginning in October, 2109 we will be offering select colors of foot supports that include a donation to charities in Breast, Cervical, and Ovarian Cancer Research.

Together We Can Make a Difference.

The program works through cooperation. Our customers pay a little more and we make a little less - the delta is the donation. And it’s not a small donation. Together we are donating $20/pair of foot supports. Members of comenityCARES will receive annual outlines of our efforts along with access to letters of appreciation.


PINK: In Support of Breast Cancer Research

$20 from every pink foot support is donated directly to Breast Cancer Research.


TEAL: In Support of Cervical & Ovarian Cancer Research

$20 from every teal foot support is donated directly to Cervical & Ovarian Cancer Research.